It contains a thermal camera and an automatic barrier that allows everyone to enter  if their temperature is normal

Ultra-sound cold steam sterilization does not leave any traces or wetness and comprehensively covers the entire surface of the body and saves sterilization materialis it is also very durable Suitable for government institutions, large companies and malls, as it provides protection for your security staff by protecting them from direct contact with customers



Suitable for government institutions and large companies and malls where It provides protection for your security cadres by protecting them from Direct contact with clients



Thermal camera It measures at a speed of half a second and an accuracy of one-tenth of the degree Celsius Programmed to trigger an alert if it read a measurement that raises suspicion. Its program can also be controlled according to the request of the competent health authorities

Automatic barrier Automatic barrier works according to the camera result with a speed of opening and closing 3 seconds by High-durability motor with safety motion sensors made of aluminum and coated with luminous phosphorous at night

Ultrasound device It converts sterile materials with water into cold steam that sterilizes all contact surfaces without leaving a trace … Very economical in work, high efficiency, and durability, and it is also supported by the PLC system which automatically can connect with the camera and the barrier so that it works for ten seconds per person and Its tank holds 60 liters of sterile materials, which its enough for 3,600 people Its cost does not exceed one dollar per hundred people